The MissionZero Mine

October 22, 2021
Zero water waste, zero emissions and zero energy waste.

We want to help miners produce more with less resource use and to create a smaller footprint – or what we call sustainable productivity. With MissionZero, our ambition is to deliver this sustainable productivity by offering solutions that support zero water waste, zero emissions and zero energy waste by 2030.

But what does this look like in reality? It means offering customers the required technological and digital solutions to move towards greener mining processes. We are focused on the entire flowsheet, but with an emphasis on areas where we see a lot of potential, such as:

- Reducing water use and maximising water recovery

- Lowering tailings risk and footprint

- Energy efficiency and electrification

- Decarbonisation

- Lifecycle enhancement

- Digital and data-based optimisation

What benefits could the MissionZero Mine deliver?

There will be benefits in each section of the flowsheet, but the real benefit will come from the combined impact of solutions and optimisations across the mine site.

Watch the video to discover the combined benefits. The whole is often greater than the sum of the parts.