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FLSmidth's Liam MacNamara talks tailings

25 views November 06, 2019

International Mining magazine editor, Paul Moore, speaks to FLSmidth's Liam MacNamara about...


Thomas Schulz talks sustainability

283 views November 06, 2019

FLSmidth CEO, Thomas Schulz, talks sustainability to Paul Moore of International Mining magazine.


Expanded Delmas Supercenter in South Africa

742 views March 28, 2019

The upgraded and expanded FLSmidth Delmas Supercenter in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Environmental footprint

Why water is a key mining issue - and how it...

291 views December 11, 2018

International Mining magazine editor, Paul Moore, speaks to FLSmidth’s Liam MacNamara about...


IPCC interview - International Mining and...

685 views December 11, 2018

Following recent acquisitions, FLSmidth provides the most extensive options for In-Pit Crushing...


Goldcorp and FLSmidth EcoTails™ filter technology

725 views December 11, 2018

Goldcorp and FLSmidth innovate to reduce mining's footprint and environmental impact with EcoTails™


3D Scanning for Mills

504 views April 25, 2018

3D Scanning for Mills


Pneuma Press Vertical Filter Press Operation

13,247 views December 20, 2017

The Pneumapress Filter has become the standard by which other automatic pressure filters are...


FLSmidth - The best solution for the Cement and...

9,811 views December 20, 2017

FLSmidth is changing the face of the cement and minerals industries. Best-in-class solutions and...

Environmental footprint

FLSmidth Dry Tails Stacking Solutions

11,833 views December 20, 2017

FLSmidth tailings management offerings include complete dry tails processing and stacking...


Online Course: Pre-start and running inspections

1,101 views December 20, 2017

FLSmidth has designed a series of online training for the minerals and materials handling...

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QCX/RoboLab For Mining Laboratories Russian...

771 views December 20, 2017

With more than 50 QCX/RoboLabs® supplied throughout the world FLSmidth is considered the leader...