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Pipe Conveyor Belt Rotation Monitoring System

July 06, 2020 Pipe Conveyor

Pipe conveyors deliver cost-effective and reliable material transport, even in difficult topography

Tight curves. Large angles of inclination. Rough, broken and hilly terrain. Restricted operating spaces. Environmentally sensitive topography. Excessive dust and noise emissions. Expensive transfer towers. Unprotected commodities. These all can be challenges when you need to efficiently and safely convey material from point to point. 

FLSmidth has engineered a cost-effective and reliable pipe conveyor material transport solution that meets these challenges head on.

But how do you protect your pipe conveyor from excessive, and potentially damaging, twisting?

Our pipe conveyor belt rotation monitoring system continuously monitors the pipe belt for twisting by using LIDAR sensors. At present, pipe conveyor belt twist is monitored and controlled manually. 

With this latest patented solution, we provide a solution to address one of the major concerns with present day pipe conveyor operation.

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