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CFD model animation: Flow Improvement

512 views December 20, 2017

Illustrates the proper gas distribution across the inlet and outlet duct of a fabric filter. For...

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How ATOX® Split Seal works

3,328 views December 20, 2017

FLSmidth has designed a split inner oil seal for grinding rollers that significantly reduces seal...

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Fabric Filters controls air pollution

11,040 views December 20, 2017

FLSmidth's Air Pollution Control gas distribution design. Read more about Air Pollution Control...

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Exterior detail of Fuller-Kinyon™ M pump

2,197 views December 20, 2017

This video will first show the exterior detail of the Fuller-Kinyon M pump from all sides, then...

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FLSmidth: SK diverter valves

2,576 views December 20, 2017

For more information:...

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Support from A to Z: Services for cement plants

897 views December 20, 2017

FLSmidth has a unique range of full-service capabilities. For more information - please visit...

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AFP Automated Filter Press

105,667 views December 20, 2017

EIMCO® AFP IV Automated Filter Presses provide a simple, rugged and reliable solution to the...

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Air Pollution Control: FLSmidth® Fabric filter

9,382 views December 20, 2017

See more about our fabric filters here:...

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FLSmidth: Anglo discharge

166 views December 20, 2017

For more information please visit our website at

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Learn how a filtration cycle works

2,045 views December 20, 2017

See this short video about filtration cycle. There are four main steps in the filtration cycle:...

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FLSmidth Emissions Solutions Presentation

2,040 views December 20, 2017

Our ability to assess your current filter performance, evaluate process and design modifications,...

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Learn about Cement Maintenance Strategies

1,764 views December 20, 2017

Watch this short animation about maintenance in the cement industry. More info here:...