ECS/ControlCenter™ - Trending

March 27, 2012
This video will demonstrate the powerful trending facility in the ECS/ControlCenter™ software from FLSmidth.
One of the most important features in control systems today is the ability to monitor the development of key process parameters as trend curves.
The trend system provides graphical real-time information for process monitoring and enables the operator to analyze historical process conditions as well.
Trends are one of the main tools for process control in addition to trouble shooting.
In many systems, only predefined process measurements are available as trends - limiting the flexibility and number of combinations for analysis.
In the ECS/ControlCenter™ software, any value can be trended!
All analog values as well as digital statuses are logged automatically and can be viewed as trend curves in any combination - and it is extremely fast too!
This demo will show how easy the ECS/ControlCenter™ trend application is to use.

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