ECS/ControlCenter™ - Effective alarm handling

March 27, 2012
This video will introduce the alarm handling in ECS/ControlCenter™ from FLSmidth.

The alarm system is fundamental for plant monitoring and supervision, and has two main purposes:

Firstly, the system is to provide clear and efficient real-time information on alarm conditions. Pre-warnings will assist the operators in controlling the process within given limits and bring attention to possible problems, enabling operators to act proactively and stay clear of trouble.
In the event of a critical problem, the alarm system will help the operator to quickly locate the cause of the problem -- and to solve it.

Secondly, the alarm system will provide a historical log of all alarms for troubleshooting and reference to previous incidents.

This demo will show how it can be configured for each operator's primary focus and how automatic alarm suppression is used to avoid information-overload. It will also demonstrate some of the searching and filtering possibilities in the alarm list which gives an optimal overview and a strong tool for troubleshooting.

For more information, please visit www.flsmidth.com/ecs