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HyLogger Zero

The HyLogger Zero is a portable and robust unit developed to simplify and automate hyperspectral logging and imaging of drill chips in high quantities. The HyLogger Zero uses an integrated software system to identify an extensive list of minerals, including gold, diamonds, copper, nickel and oil. The controlled analysis processes results in consistent, objective logging with minimal human error.

As well as its accuracy, the HyLogger Zero is very fast – near real time in logging data. It is capable of analysing 60 samples per eight-minute cycle, meaning it can scan 4000+ samples within a 10 hour shift. This can be 10 times faster than one person using a hand-held instrument to manually process drill chips. Preliminary data can also be assessed by geologists on site, allowing decisions to be made quickly to save time and resources.

Smart logging technology means improved consistency, increased mineralogical knowledge and objective and precise logging. In addition to hyperspectral scanning of drill chips, HyLogger Zero provides a photographic record of the chips as they are being analysed. Once scanned, photographs and raw data can be digitally archived for long-term storage and future reprocessing.

With a total mass of only 66 kg and a robust, foldable transport case, the HyLogger Zero’s ergonomic design means it is easy and safe to transport.

The HyLogger process is non-destructive, non-invasive and involves no radiation, noise, dust or heat. Sample handling is also reduced as chips are measured in their original trays.

Key features and benefits

• Highly productive.
• Saves time and reduces costs.
• Objective, consistent and effective logging.
• Minimal human error.
• High resolution digital images.
• Increased geometallurgical understanding.
• Fast decision making.
• Flexible configurations.
• User-friendly and easy to operate.
• Data comparability for existing ASD spectrometer users.
• Non destructive.
• Historical digital archive of all rock chips.
• Addresses shortage of skill and expertise